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Function over form...sort of?



If you know me, you know the statement, function over form, is rarely true in my design life. Just ask my husband (’It’s not comfortable at all’, ‘I know but it looks so good!’).

However, even I will admit there are times when function must win out, and so starts the journey of building our new house. Side note: that is why I haven’t been here in a few months; we built a new home and moved across the country. That was the tedious and stressful part, now let the fun decorating begin!

At the end of last winter, we decided we just couldn’t handle any more winters in MN. While the summers are lovely (minus the humidity and mosquitoes), the winters are just too long. I personally don’t enjoy any of the outdoor activities associated with winter and even if I did, we had no time to enjoy them. After throwing around some ideas, it became clear that Texas was the only other option for us. If I was going to pack up and leave, that meant I wasn’t settling for any snow, anywhere. So that rules out a lot of places, leaving a few southern options. Isaac went to school at Baylor in Waco, and I had lived in Austin and loved it. We finally decided on the DFW area for a myriad of reasons, including no state tax, good schools, low cost of living, booming economy and reasonable weather (check back with me in August on that one!). 

We originally planned on renting, but once we compared renting to owning in the local market, it would have been a terrible choice for us. After a lengthy look at what was on the market and what we could build in the same budget, we decided to go with a new build. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE our new house, but when I say new build, I do not mean my custom dream house but rather a Texan brick house slapped up in six months. This is when I had to put my design dreams aside and choose function over form. With our current budget, we had to be more concerned with space, neighborhood and school district, and less concerned with my beloved flat roofs, angular details and asymmetrical profiles, my expansive walls of glass, clean lines and double door entries — okay you get the idea ;).


So our new house may not be anything that I love on the outside, but we are in a great neighborhood a block down from what will be Jackson’s school in the fall (sob!). We have all the rooms we need plus a couple bonus ones (movie theater and playroom!), and everyone is thrilled with the yard and beautiful weather to enjoy it :).

While it was easy to choose function for the bones of our house, the inside of my home will be a bit trickier! A completely Mid-Century Modern interior may look out of place in this home, but I definitely can’t give into a boring, ‘traditional’ Texas design style (think overstuffed leather and lots of wrought iron, eeeek! Check back and stay with me as I weave through this design dilemma one room at a time, I may need some help :).

While you keep up with the updates to our new home, let us help you create the ultimate nursery in your home with our personalized nursery decor and custom crib bedding. Whether you prefer function over form, or the other way around, we have the perfect options for you. Shop with us today!


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