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Life IS beautiful!


Yes, I am soooo guilty! I have been MIA for way too long, totally unacceptable :). I must apologize, and since I know you’re the forgiving type, I'm hoping we can move forward?

Let’s start with a recap of this year, then we can start fresh next yeah, which is somehow right around the corner already!

This year has totally gotten away from me. I meant to write (I really did), but life happened. You know what I mean? The thing is, I have an AMAZING job working with AMAZING clients. I feel like I know so much about so many of you. Sure, I will probably never meet you face to face or see your beautiful baby (but I do love pics!!), but I am so honored to be a small part of your lives and take such pleasure in helping you welcome a new life into your family and home.

This fall, I realized that as much as I know you, you guys don’t really know much about me. I’ve decided that I should change that and get a little more personal on the blog :). Well, that decision was made for me when I had to share with the world a terrifying experience we had last month.

If you follow my Facebook page, you will already know that we got a little behind at Mod Tot, and I felt it only fair to update my clients with the real story.

My beautiful baby girl turned one in August; she is full of life and the sweetest baby you will ever meet :). She was so happy all the time! At the end of October, my otherwise healthy girl spiked a fever. Of course, this happens fairly often with babies, so we figured teething, maybe an ear infection or even just a virus could be the cause. At the time, we were busy packing up to make a cross-country move, and we figured we would keep an eye on it.

By day four, the fever still hadn’t broke, and she was getting fussier and fussier, so we decided to bring her in. Of course, we were in Dallas (we live in MN), checking up on our soon-to-be finished house, when this happened. We brought her to a pediatric urgent care, and they determined she was dehydrated (as she hadn’t been wanting much to eat or drink) and probably had a UTI (I noticed some pain in her abdomen when sitting). We felt so bad for her, especially when they said they wanted to start an IV to get her some fluids. When they had a hard time getting a vein, they told us we needed to take her to the Children’s Hospital. That was a scary suggestion to us, and we started to realize this may be serious. We immediately took her there, and they determined she did not have a UTI, so what was wrong with her?? 

We spent over eight hours in the emergency room that night, while they ran multiple tests on Kenzie. Finally, when they found nothing, they suggested it was only a virus and we should take her home. I was skeptical, but I guess I trusted they knew what they were doing.

Four days later (we are still in Dallas for fear of flying her back to MN), she was only getting worse and we KNEW something wasn’t right, so we took her back to the emergency room at the Children’s Hospital. Eight hours and several more tests later, they finally did an ultrasound to find that her little appendix had ruptured. This is very rare in children and almost never happens in babies, so they had not thought to look for it earlier. We were heart broken that she had been in so much pain and would now need a surgery to remove the appendix. Little did we know, this was just the beginning of a very scary journey!

The next 21 days were such a blur and too hard to describe in detail, but basically Kenzie went into septic shock that evening, had to be put on a ventilator since she could no longer breath on her own, had two surgeries, a blood transfusion and spent three weeks in ICU at the Children’s Hospital (in a city where we knew no one and didn’t have a house!). We thought we might lose her. Those were THE. HARDEST. DAYS. OF. MY. LIFE.

God alone brought me through those days and kept her with us! It was a miraculous recovery, and she is home safe and sound again, perfectly happy and healthy! Times like these help us to remember what life is really about, and this holiday season, I am hugging my loved ones tightly!

I know appendicitis in babies is rare, but I urge you to follow your instincts as a parent. We just KNEW something was wrong. If we had not brought her in at that moment, she would not be with us right now. You know your kids best, and don’t let a fever go too long!!


I am sharing a couple quotes and verses that I love, and I hope you take them to heart:) Life IS beautiful, and you should love every minute of it!!

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