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Mid Century Modern Baby Nursery Design Board

So I know I have been promising you Kenzie’s nursery reveal this month. Well, since she has decided to *STOP sleeping (AT ALL), that is just not going to happen this month. We are getting there, but the finishing touches won’t make it within a couple days. I'm so sorry!

Don’t worry, I won’t leave your curiosity running completely wild. I put together a little preview of the room! This is the mood board I designed for inspiration; stay tuned for the real thing within a couple weeks! If you love anything, be sure to check out the links on OlioBoard, and don't forget to shop with us to find the perfect personalized nursery decor for your baby's nursery! 

*Seriously, does anyone have ANY ideas about my five-month-old's sleep pattern?? She slept through the night at six weeks and reverted back a few weeks ago. Now she is up at least four times a night! Any ideas/suggestions??

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