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Washi Walls!

I have a confession to make. My daughter is almost four months old, and she does not have a nursery yet. You could forgive most moms, but this is what I DO! I spend most of every day creating beautiful, personalized nursery decor for other babies, while my daughter sleeps in a vanilla box.

That being said, it is time to get started! To be clear, she does have amazing and unique crib bedding, but that’s about it. We moved into our house when she was three weeks old, and I could barely juggle the basic moving with a newborn schedule, let alone think about designing every room in the house. My son’s room is almost complete; we started with his room since he’s actually aware it exists:). So planning ahead, the goal for January is to finish both rooms!

I’m getting started by throwing some ideas around and making some design boards, which I will be sure to share in the next couple weeks once I firm up my ideas. In the meantime, I thought I would share my latest little obsession. We are temporarily renting our current house (fear of commitment, i.e. not sure we’re done traveling), and now I am fully understanding a problem brought up by clients at Modified Tot, ‘what do I do with the boring walls of my rental house/apartment??’ Luckily, we can paint a little, but nothing over the top and no patterns. I think we all know any of my dream children’s spaces include ‘over the top,’ so I did a little digging and have decided on washi tape!

If you aren’t sure what washi tape is, it is basically a high-quality masking tape made of rice paper. It comes in tons of colors and patterns, and since it has a low-tack adhesive, you can move it and reposition without damaging the walls! The nursery design ideas are endless with washi tape, and since the cost is so low, it’s a great alternative to vinyl wall decals (although I still love me some decals and will most likely include those as well). Since it’s a crafter’s dream and works for SO many projects, it’s available all over the place. Etsy is my first pick, and Wishy Washi has a lot of amazing options. So now that you’ve seen the cute prints and bright colors, are you ready for more? Washi tape is also available in extra wide, so the design options really are endless! Check out the wide washi by mt casa; love it!

For your viewing pleasure, I have put together some of my favorite washi wall designs:) I just LOVE the geometric accents and think the floor install is such a great playroom idea. What do you guys think? Are the full walls too much?? Stay tuned for that finished nursery and my very own washi walls!


City Scape | Deer Head | Heart | Tree


Door | Squares | Neon Streaks | Borders | Pastel Grid


1 | 2 | 3


Buildings| Rectangles | Stripes | Floor | Diagonal | Sound Waves

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