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Cinco de Mayo Taco Cookies

What's better than a taco or a cookie? How about a taco cookie?! These are ridiculously easy and a must have for your Cinco de Mayo party!

Since I know most of you are super busy momma's like myself, I just had to share this with you! It's just a simple sugar cookie with easy toppings.

I tried this recipe, and am totally in love with it for two reasons. 1) You don't have to refrigerate the dough before baking (who has time for that?). 2) You don't even have to roll these out (again, who had time for that?)! Make 1" balls and flatten them a little, that's it!

Once they are getting golden in the oven, remove them and immediately shape them over any type of 'tube'. I used my small rolling pin and a little wax paper over a cardboard roll. Do this while they are hot and fresh out of the oven, so if they start to crumble you can stick them back together:)

I used a white buttercream frosting for the 'sour cream', crumbled brownies for the 'meat', colored shredded coconut for the 'lettuce' and 'cheese', and Swedish Fish for the 'tomatoes'. 

So easy, and something the kids can help with, we had a lot of fun with it:) Enjoy!

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