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DIY Project: Confetti Glitter Chair


Okay, this chair was just too cute not to share! I saw this white Eames style chair at Hobby Lobby a couple months ago and couldn't pass it up. I think I only paid about $35! I did a quick check, and they are available on Amazon for $40 each, or 2 for $60 (in a bunch of different colors, some with arms!). It's the perfect size for my three-year-old and would probably work for a four-year-old as well. They come in other colors and would be adorable in a toddler room or playroom area.

Originally, I didn't have a plan for the chair, but once I started to find personalized nursery decor for my daughter's 'big girl' room, I knew it would be perfect. She loves sparkles, so we decided to dress it up a bit. It was super easy project; I was able to complete it during her nap!

All you will need for this project is one spray can of Mod Podge, some glitter of your choice and a plastic trash bag. As you can see, I chose a larger glitter. You could definitely use a finer glitter, but it may be messier! I couldn't find a mix of colors I liked, so I bought three individual colors, but you could definitely go with something premixed.


First, you will need to cover up the legs and base of the chair. I kept it simple with a big trash bag tied around the bottom.

Now for the glitter! I started on the back and did one color at a time. Start with a generous covering of Mod Podge, then sprinkle, then Mod Podge again. I did each color once and then went back and kept adding layers until I was happy with the look. In my experience, you can't use too much of the Mod Podge (well, I'm sure you can if it's pooling and dripping!). I would spray it immediately before and after each layer of glitter. I did the back and then flipped to the front side. I had to go along the edges and go over those a few times to get the glitter just right. Once I loved the look, I gave it a few final coats of Mod Podge. Keep in mind that it does have an odor so it's best to apply outside, or not around the kiddos;).

I am really thrilled with how it turned out (even sparklier in person!), and my daughter is in love. With all the different colors this chair comes in as well as the different combos of glitter, the possibilities are endless, and no matter which nursery design theme you go with, you're sure to find the perfect option! I may end up painting the legs for an even more custom look. Give it a try, and be sure to share your results with me!! Now I'm wondering, what else can I use this on...



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