Who doesn't love an adorable, easy and totally custom DIY project for a baby nursery? Added bonus: I think it cost under $5 total!

So if you're pregnant, you are already starting to discover how much stuff  your baby needs, and how the costs can really add up! Personally, I don't mind spending a little on the items I can't make, but I love to save a little on the items I can make! If you're a mom-to-be who can't fathom whipping up a quilt for your baby, don't worry because this bunting flag project is so easy and still a special keepsake for you and baby.

I love this name pennant as crib decor, or just nursery wall decoration. The great thing is, it can easily be tied anywhere and can grow with your baby into a toddler room.

So let's get started! You will need about five or six sheets of felt (don't worry about real wool, acrylic is fine!), a glue gun and scissors, some thread and pins, and pompoms if you'd like. Feel free to draw out your own flower/letter designs, or you can download our FREE printable patterns!

 Your first step will be cutting your designs out of the felt. I am showing with our design files, but you could easily draw out your own. I started with the flag shape I wanted and the letters to her name.



Once all the letters and flags are cut out, you will pin the letters onto the flags. Be sure to center them the best you can and lay them out in a line to make sure they look even when all together! Take the flags over to your sewing machine and sew an outline around the letters, very close to the edge of the letter. If you don't have a sewing machine, this could be done by hand it just may take a bit longer! Don't worry about being perfect, this adds to the homemade charm:)

This next step is optional, and a little harder with the machine if you don't have any experience. I wanted to add the pompom detail across the top of my flags so I cut them to length and pinned across the top. I sewed a straight line across them, don't worry about the end they will be covered by flowers.

Looking good, right? Well the next step is a bit tedious so you may want to play the pregnant card and enlist someone to do this for you:) It's time to cut all those flowers. Our flower patterns feature four different shaped flowers, with three sizes of each shape. I cut four large, four medium, and two small of each flower shape. You can try putting two or three sheets of felt together to cut, I found more than three a little hard to cut accurately.

Now that we're done with that, we can get back to the pretty part. Let's make some flowers! Start layering your flower sizes and colors to create some unique blooms! Once you like the way they look, place a small dot of glue between each layer to hold them together.

At this point, I realized they needed a center circle or something? I hand cut some roundish shapes for the center, but I did include some circle patterns in the file if you need to use that.

Finally, I decided to add leaves (pattern included in the file) to some of them for some variation.

The last step is just sewing it all together! You will start by laying out all the pieces and playing around until you find a look you like. I wanted one flower between each letter and a few on each end, but you could do something different, or whatever you like!

Once you are happy with the arrangement take it your machine and stitch it all together. I started at the back end, stringing all the flowers together, then adding those flowers to the last letter, then adding a flower in front of the last letter, then the next letter, etc. So I only stitched through the flowers and a little onto the flags, but you could stitch straight across if you chose:) My finishing touch was to glue a couple flowers onto the first and last letters.

To hang the pennant I just glued some yarn onto the back and covered with a piece of felt, you could add two yarn pieces to each side if you wanted to be able to tie a bow, or no yarn at all if you will hang it on a wall.

So that's it! Cheap, easy and adorable:)