DIY Pom Pom Valentine's Shirt

DIY Pom Pom Valentine's Shirt

I love Valentine's Day! To be honest it's not about the romance and all's more about all the pink and hearts and fun decorating and pretty desserts 😍 Having a daughter makes it all that much better! This year we made a sweet shirt and matching hair bow for her school Valentine's party, she is pumped!

Y'all won't believe how simple this is, let's get started!

First the shirt, you need a t-shirt or any top you want to use, some pom poms (I used 1/2" diameter), and fabric glue!

You will start by printing off a heart shape to use as a stencil. I traced it with a fabric pen so it would disappear, but you could use any pencil as well. Now you just place the pom pom's one at a time on the outline!

Total transparency, I had imagined I would fill in the whole heart with pom poms, but ladies, these little guys are a lot harder to deal with than I thought😂 So I opted for the outline, but if you're mom of the year, or a better mom than me, you can fill that sucker in!

Now for this adorable hair bow🎀

You can use the same pom poms you used for the shirt, but it would be really cute with one size smaller as well. I'm going to try some of the smaller ones in other colors and I'll let you know how it goes! So all you need are the pom poms (I used 12 per bow), a piece of tulle (cut to 5"x7"), and a little ribbon or something to cover up the glue in the center. I used a hot glue gun, but I'm guessing you could use the same fabric glue from the shirt!

So start by cutting your 5" x 7" rectangle of tulle, then split your pom poms in half making two piles as shown:

Now simply fold your tulle in thirds, bringing the bottom up and the top down, so you have 2 layers of tulle over your pom pom piles.

 Next, you will fold the sides in so they meet in the center. Now pinch the center where everything meets and add a drop of glue (if you use hot glue be careful cinching it together!).

At this point you can arrange the pom poms to look adorable, and then finish up by gluing your ribbon around the center (with the seam in the back). You can also glue on any type of hair clip you want to use, or even glue it to a headband!

I have to say, this is one of my favorite projects, so cute for such a small effort! So have a fabulous Valentine's Day this week and be sure to send me your pics if you make one for your sweetheart💕


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