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Big Boy Room....outgrowing the Nursery!

As you may or may not know, Jackson has had quite the nomadic life so far. Shortly after he turned one, we got rid of our house, put everything in storage and started traveling. We spent a few months in the Caribbean, then headed to Europe, where Jackson celebrated his second birthday in Spain and was eventually deported from Prague (long story!). Once we were back home, we lived in two houses in two years, traveled frequently and just recently moved to Texas, where he will be turning five tomorrow. 

Texas is a long-term decision, so we were really anxious that he love it here and feel like it’s his home. For that reason, I really wanted to complete his room right away, so he felt like it was his and was comfortable there even if the rest of the house is still in boxes ;). So Jackson got the first completed room in the house!

Jackson had a great nursery, but never really got his permanent ‘big boy’ room with all of our moving. I spent a lot of time thinking about what to include for him. Designing nurseries as I do, I have a lot of resources at my fingertips and was a little overwhelmed! Here are my top tips for


  • Stick with the style of your house - Obviously, the child’s room will have a kid vibe, but I always try to choose furniture and an overall feel that will flow with the rest of my house. In my case, this is modern, hence the style of the bed and small furniture in the room. We love color in this house, and his room is no different!
  • Longevity - While it is fun to add the childish accents, try to pick things that will grow with your child for the more expensive pieces. These items might include the rug, curtains and possibly the comforter or duvet cover. For Jack’s room, I chose a bright geometric print for the curtains, which can grow with him. I usually do the comforters in a solid or basic print and then have more fun with the sheets and pillows!
  • Consider trends - When choosing the more childish items, consider price and how quickly he/she may grow out of a certain phase. If you have a little one, you know how quickly that happens! In our case, I added a lot of learning elements, included the dog, and used his name and initial to add details. I felt pretty confident about the Lego accents, as he will likely be playing with those for years to come!
  • Think like a kid! It’s really fun to design a room that looks fabulous, but now that Jack is old enough, he would totally call me out if it wasn’t FUN for him! Don’t get so caught up in how everything looks and forget to include some activities for your child. I tried to keep this in mind with pretty much every aspect of Jack’s room, and he was thrilled with his room :).

Here’s how it turned out: he loves it! He had been begging for a bunk bed, but I was a little hesitant about the height. This bed from Ikea was the perfect compromise. I painted it before assembly to make it even better. There are a ton of instructions online, but I just used spray paint for the gray frame and rolled on the orange panels with a cabinet roller. It was very easy, but be sure to use a clear sealer when you’re done or it chips right off!

Jackson requested stars on his ceiling, so I found this Solar System set and his uncle took the time to hang them in orbit around the ‘sun’, aka light! They look so great in the dark, definitely a good value.

I’m not sure which part of the bed he liked best; he loves having a little fort under the bed! The custom rug and pillow are available at Modified Tot; the pillow was the only thing I was able to bring from his nursery so I just love it down there. To keep him busy I added the mix and match Robots and the adorable little camping light, which is also a planetarium and shines stars all around!

The gallery wall was my favorite part to design. I included a few things I knew he would love, like the Star Wars prints, the Transformer Blueprint and Super Hero name. The wooden Minnesota (we painted it) and funny deer are to help him remember where he came from, and the arrow is there do he can always remember where he is going ;).

Jackson had to leave his grandma’s little Puggle in Minnesota and misses him dearly; we had to include him in the room! The wooden sign turned out so adorable, and I added the blue paint for a little color :).

The ‘Control Panel’ was a special little thing for Jackson; he just loves little compartments and making secret hiding spots. I told him it was the control panel for the orange line going around his room. He loves pretending and has it stuffed full of his secret things, which obviously I do NOT know about :). It was just a little box from Hobby Lobby, and I added the details on front with vinyl from my Silhouette machine.

The sheets and robot pillow came from Target, and the awesome Batman pillow was from Etsy. It’s reversible and such great quality.

The other side of the room was more about activities for my busy little man. All the furniture over here (except the chair) came from Ikea at a great price. We DIYed the desk with a desk top and two file cabinets for a whopping $39. The cabinet also came from Ikea, and I glued wooden coasters to the front to make them look like Legos :).

The pegboard is up, but not finished. I figured that I would see how he uses the space most and then work from there. So stay tuned for that blog post :). So far, there are just a ton of Legos all over the place!

This remote control Light Saber is so cool and was a great deal with sound effects and everything. He keeps the remote in his secret little hiding place :).

While this was the most time-consuming project, I think it was worth it! I painted magnetic primer under the paint and added magnets to the cars so he can drive them around the track. The mini road signs are made with fabric and completely repositionable, so he has them all over the room! They were custom made, along with the track from a couple of awesome Etsy sellers!

Just a couple of final details from Petit Collage, so adorable; I just love their stuff :).


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