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Toddler Room.....Outgrowing the Nursery!

So I can't be the only mom out there delaying the inevitable? Kenzie is three and a half and is just now getting her toddler bedroom. She's my last baby and I wasn't thrilled about the idea of her growing up so that's part of it, the other part is that I totally don't trust her! I know it sounds harsh, but it's so true and I was so right!

When my son converted to a toddler bed there were no issues, my sweet boy stayed in bed and slept all night. Now with Kenzie, totally different story....based on experience, I had a feeling our sassy little girl might put up more of a fight. The freedom was just too much for her to handle and we would hear thumps only to find her rushing back into bed while we opened the door. This went on for a (embarrassingly) long time, until I had to threaten 'no big girl room', no pink bed (she was in her converted crib bed) and no ice cream wall art (for some reason she really wanted those!). Once she realized I was serious, we made a lot of progress and now she has her sweet toddler room and stays in bed most of the time:)

I spent a lot of time thinking about what to include for her. Designing nurseries as I do, I have a lot of resources at my fingertips and was a little overwhelmed! Here are my top tips for


  • Stick with the style of your house - Obviously, the child’s room will have a kid vibe, but I always try to choose furniture and an overall feel that will flow with the rest of my house. In my case, this is modern, hence the style of the bed and small furniture in the room. We love color in this house, and her room is no different!
  • Longevity - While it is fun to add the childish accents, try to pick things that will grow with your child for the more expensive pieces. These items might include the rug, curtains, furniture and possibly the comforter or duvet cover. For Kenzie’s room, I chose a geometric print for the curtains, which can grow with her. I usually do the comforters in a solid or basic print and then have more fun with the sheets and pillows!  If you have a crib that converts to a toddler bed, that's a great place to start getting them out of the crib (at that time, I would just use the crib bedding and hold off on completely converting to a toddler room). Once you are comfortable with them in a bed, that's when I would do a total overhaul of the room and would then include at least a twin size bed. Kids grow SO quickly! I am in love with the convertible bed we found for her, and was sure not to spend a lot on the tiny furniture in the room:)
  • Consider trends - When choosing the more childish items, consider price and how quickly he/she may grow out of a certain phase. If you have a little one, you know how quickly that happens! In our case, I added a lot of 'girly' fun elements (rather than one brand or trend) and used her name to add details.
  • Think like a kid! It’s really fun to design a room that looks fabulous, but you want to make sure your little is going to have a fabulous time in that room! Don’t get so caught up in how everything looks and forget to include some activities for your child. I tried to keep this in mind with pretty much every aspect of Kenzie's room, and she was thrilled with it :).

A little about the room.....So I fell in love with the bed and worked from there. I love soft pastels mixed with bright pops of color, and Kenzie loves purple.

Kenzie loves her big brother and is definitely not a 'girly-girl', she leans more towards a tomboy that loves pink and purple;) Her big personality really inspired the feel of the room, she's so fun-loving and always laughing, with a bit of a wild side! Oh and I can't forget her love of all things sweet, and how excited she was about the ice cream accents in the room! I just wanted to bring in an eclectic mix of things that make her smile:)

Now for a few details:)

You can pick up the adorable Dance Party print HERE, is was designed by one of my favorites, Joni at Lay Baby Lay. I adore the Felt Ball Garland, you can design your own with Megan in her Etsy shop HERE. She was so great to work with and even sent a preview of the colors to make sure I loved it:) One of my room favorites, the personalized Super Hero Print was actually a downloadable file from Casey all the way in Australia, get yours HERE.

The bed is adjustable to a twin size (from Ikea), and does not get any cuter than this! I love the built in 'rails' so we didn't have to use one of those hideous guards to keep her from falling out.

Her little reading nook is my favorite spot in the room, most of the pillows and the ice cream prints came from Target (gotta love Pillowfort!), and the toy bin is from Ikea, we spray painted it with a blackboard paint, fun! We picked up the flying horse over in Barcelona last summer, I love finding souvenirs we can actually use!

My baby adores the moon, so we had this decal custom printed over at Sunny Decals, they are the best and will custom print anything you want, not to mention the great options already in their shop! I applied glow in the dark paint over it, so it glows at night:)

How sweet is this handmade Camera?? You can get one HERE, with a bunch of color choices:) I thought it would be more of a shelf filler, but my kids actually fight over it, the button presses down and the lens turns, adorable! The string ball lights and ice cream light are from Amazon, with amazing prices y'all!


The final corner is her little coloring desk. I picked up the table and chair at Hobby Lobby for like $50 total. We spray painted the legs on the table and don't miss the tutorial to make your own little glitter confetti chair HERE.

Obviously this room was so fun to design, I look forward to spending some time with my babe playing in it now!

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