You are going to love how easy this last minute Easter basket is! My three year old is absolutely obsessed with unicorns right now, so I love how the basket is made with a headband so she can rock that long after Easter:) Don't miss the video below!

Unicorn Easter Basket, and unicorn headband

Let's get started with some supplies. You will definitely need:

  1. Any type of Easter Basket
  2. A couple colors of tulle, you don't need much
  3. A stretchy kids size headband, I recommend at least 1" wide
  4. A couple felt squares, around 2"
  5. Something to make into a horn, I used Styrofoam but you could easily use thick paper/card stock. If your material is ugly you will need some Washi tape to cover it!
  6. Something to create your unicorn ears. I took mine from a pre-made headband, but again you could use thick paper/card stock
  7. Ribbon, feathers, flowers....anything to decorate it!
  8. Hot glue gun


So you will start by gluing one felt patch to the underside of the front of the headband. This keeps a smooth surface against the head and keeps everything sturdy.

While that is drying we will create the prettiness on the other felt patch. I removed some wire ears of a headband we had, but you could easily make them by beading a few pearls on some jewelry wire and shaping them into ears. If you do this, you will want to cut a couple slits in the felt and slip the end of the wires through to the back, where you can glue them down. If you opt for paper ears, you can glue them to the front.

I created the horn out of Styrofoam, but you could definitely do this with paper as well. If it's ugly like mine was, be sure to cover with some Washi tape! Next, attach the horn to the felt between the ears. Make sure to cut the bottom of the horn at an angle so the horn will point up!

Finish off the front panel will ribbons, feathers, flowers...whatever you want really! My ribbons came from the gift wrapping section and were already put together for me (lazy!).

Once it's looking beautiful, you will cover the back side in glue and attach it to the felt you have already glued to the headband, creating a headband sandwich:)

While the headband is drying cut some strips of tulle, size according to your basket. Grab two or three strips at a time and loop them through your basket for a 'tail'. You may have to loop them around the handle if your basket is solid. I added a little washi tape near the bottom of mine to create a little 'ponytail' look, so adorable!!

All that's left to do is slip the headband onto the basket and start hunting those eggs in style!




Here's a great example if you're using paper elements, and a shout out to my inspiration:) So stinkin' cute!