We believe the crib bedding set is the heart of your nursery. Some newborns (if you're lucky!) sleep 16-17 hours a day. Your baby will be spending so much time in that crib, let it be the best available. Let it be something you love, because you'll be spending a lot of time in that nursery too! The crib bedding can tie your nursery together like nothing else in the room and is one of the few items that can stay with your baby through that new and exciting toddler stage, bringing comfort for years to come. Let the nursery be your favorite room in the house by investing in the best crib bedding.


Every crib bedding set sold by Modified Tot is handmade here in the U.S. Each set is made specifically for you and personally inspected by me. We stand behind our products, and every one is 100 percent quality guaranteed. If it's not right, we'll make it right. Did you know we have over 1,000 positive reviews in our ETSY SHOP?


Our roots are in design; it is our passion. We want you to see only the freshest and best when you visit our site. We custom design and print our fabrics so you're not stuck with 'off the shelf.’ We take pride in our curated nursery decor collections, offering all you need to complete your perfect nursery.


When you shop Modified Tot, you're supporting local families. Not only are we a family business, we chose a family business to print our fabrics, and our sewing team consists of stay-at-home moms. We are also thrilled to offer local, handmade items within our shop and feature other makers and creators.



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