So your style is....

Include themes!! Take the guesswork out of home decorating, and discover that the room you want is only a few easy steps away. Find a look you love, and we'll help you recreate it. Gaze at gorgeous rooms, expertly styled, and then learn how to get the look. With a step-by-step approach, we'll focus on the key pieces and how to make them work, showing you where to get each item and how to style it just right.
Music has a way of setting the mood just so. Now you can extend that feeling into your decor. Taking cues from a range of musical genres, learn how to decorate a room with help from your favorite songs and bands. Maybe you're looking to transform your living room into a sultry jazz lounge. Or perhaps you want to give your office that rock 'n roll edge. We'll show you how to make it work, soundtrack included.
Roll the cameras, we're ready to take our favorite on-screen stars and stories and recast them in our own homes. With decor inspired by movies, TV shows, and genres we love, join us as we reimagine iconic sets and spaces. Help us play set designer, detailing all the plot twists and turns that make the location unique. Then learn how to bring the same cinematic style into your own home. You may want to make some popcorn for this one.

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