Shopping List: Neutral Boho Nursery

If you like to shop small and support makers, you'll adore this shopping list! I found SO MANY (24 actually, I couldn't stop!) amazing nursery finds on Etsy, enough to almost complete your boho nursery!


Check the list below to get shopping❤

Please note: Due to the ever changing nature of maker listings on Etsy, some of the links may have sold out or been discontinued. I make every effort to update them to the closest possible match, but please reach out if you can't find something!

  1. Boho PomPom Decor
  2. Boho Rainbow Mobile
  3. Boho Wreath
  4. Fringe Chandelier
  5. Boho Throw Pillows
  6. Tassel Garland
  7. Pampas Arrangement
  8. Baby Swing
  9. Abstract Boho Printable Art
  10. Nursery Blanket and Sheet
  11. Rainbow Baby Mobile
  12. Ribbed Vase
  13. Boho Macrame Mobile
  14. Abstract Printable Art Duo
  15. Boho Wallpaper
  16. Rainbow Vase
  17. Dried Pampas Grass
  18. Moses Basket
  19. Tassel Chandelier
  20. Dried Sun Palms
  21. Rattan Changing Table
  22. Pampas Bouquet
  23. Pampas Grass
  24. Changing Basket


So now you have no excuses, it's time to finish that nursery.....or get it started🤣

What other shopping lists would you like to see? Let me know, great excuse for me to shop Etsy all day!

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